zGames Video Game Development Company

Creating awesome video games is not a task for the faint hearted. The developers at zGames are in the industry for passion. Some of them have spent lifetimes collaborating with each other to come up with something worth being proud of. That is why Chris Howard, the founder of zGames Video game development company, looks for passion and talent rather than the ability to turn the games into a money-minting industry.


When he founded the company in 2008, he knew that passion begets perfection and perfection always attract big money. This is why games such as Happy Chef and Lucky Swipe helped the company attract big players such as Big Fish Games and Atari. But what is game development?

How the Company Works


zGames has been in the unity vr development industry for the last 9 year. During that time, the company has developed hundreds of video games in various genres. It shows no signs of slowing down in its quest to produce the most entertaining and interactive games in the market. It produces games for both Android and iOS platforms and thus you can contract them to develop games for both Google and Apple stores for a wider market reach.


The team at zGames Video Development Company is in continuous touch with the gaming industry technological improvements. Their customers have been known to leverage this solid engineering strategy to help them come up with games that have gone on to become instant hits with their target markets. The company develops both on-demand and proprietary video games.

Team Composition

To ensure the best results for customers, the zGames Video Games Development Company has a team comprising of project managers, artists, game designers, intellectual property lawyers and QA engineers. This blend of skills has proved invaluable in produce some of the most acclaimed games in the market today. Their ability to solve problems has helped produce educative and intellectual games.

What You’ll Get by Partnering with zGames

ZGames prides itself as a one-stop shop for the full cycle development of great video games. These steps will range from the creation of the design document all the way to the game’s post release support and maintenance. Some of the things that will happen in-between the initial customer contact to the release include;

ü Determination of all functional and nonfunctional specs

ü The creation of the prototype along with sketching and art creation

ü The solutions for the game’s mechanics

ü Quality assurance and testing

ü Beta/prelease of the game and

ü Uploading to the stores.

Popular Game Genres Supported by zGames

Over the years, the zGames teams have honed their skills through continuous in-house development and client engagements as well as studying emerging technologies in both gaming hardware and software. They have gone on to develop games that are mobile friendly and educational, games in augmented reality, promotional games, games that have been integrated with gambling mechanics and games that can be interlaced with the social media platforms.

The Team Skillset

To be able to produce this great games, all the technologies debuting in the market have to be at the company engineers’ fingertips. These skills include game mechanics, visual and sound FX, integration with social media, augmented reality, 3-D modelling, realistic physics, full cycle development and much more.

You will not get a better ios game developer than the zGames Video Games Development Company. It has the talent, the passion and the drive to bring the best video games in the market.