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Qulix Systems – IoT devices

Everyday life is becoming easier and products/services are getting more convenient – thanks to the Internet of Things. From your baking oven to your air conditioner, washing machines to your car lock; everything is becoming connected to our mobile phone or remote control. This connectivity enables smarter management, reduced electricity consumption and efficient use of resources both at the consumers and the production end. At the production end, IoT devices reduce wastage, increase efficiency and optimize resource utilization. At home, you can now switch off your oven or control your washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances around the house with your smart phone

IoT now covers a range of operations from building management, farming, water management, environment, energy, manufacturing, logistics and smart cities. By enabling real-time feedback, iot devices improve customer satisfaction through quickly addressing consumer issues and adapting products/services to their demands.

For home appliances and a wide range of businesses, one of the top rated companies that offers innovative iot solutions is Qulix systems. The company understands its customers and provides solution for efficient management in a number of industries such as banking and finance, insurance, health and social care, e-commerce, and telecommunications industries. It has over a hundred products/services to offer for business and industries. With its innovative teams and smart management of resources, Qulix – custom software systems ranks among the best companies that provide Internet of Things solutions.

Qulix systems– IoT services include:

· Device management user interface

· Web and mobile interfaces for IoT and connected devices

Qulix Systems works closely with its clients to develop easy to use products and provides excellent customer handling for guaranteed satisfaction. If you are looking for a web or mobile interface for your Internet of Things devices, then Qulix can provide the best solution based on your requirements. Qulix system services are unique, customized, reliable and easy to use.

Qulix Systems has a rich portfolio made up of world’s leading companies using Qulix systems applications and services for their business. Qulix is one of the 10 internet of things companies to watch. A few of names in its portfolio are: Weight Watchers, Volkswagen, Rosbank, iheartradio, keeplocal, UNICEF, SkyGuard, SNGB, Vodafone and others. The company has helped many businesses to maintain efficiency and improve their services with Qulix Systems’ solutions. Qulix Systems plans to further foray into consumer electronics, connected cars, wearables, telematics, artificial intelligence and e-health services. With its innovative products and solutions, Qulix systems – Internet of Things device solutions will definately to become a success.